TCP/IP 4.25 Patch D - New Installation proceedure

There is a new installation proceedure for TCP/IP 4.25 patch D.

Please grab these install notes and review even if you have already
installed the patch and not seen any problems.
There may be problems related to the security patch that you just haven’t
run into yet.

There are three possibilities:

  1. You never installed tcp/ip security patch. But you installed Patch D.
    No problems, everything is fine.

  2. You installed tcp/ip security patch, then installed Patch D.
    You should have seen problems related to ftpd, pppd, tn3270, and map3270.
    If you don’t use these you won’t have seen problems, but should “fix” your
    system before you do.

  3. You installed tcp/ip Security Patch, then installed patch D, then fixed
    things by un-installing and re-installing the security patch. In this
    case, depending on the order in which things were done your system could be
    in a slightly inconsistant state.

If you did case 2) you should un-install patch D, then follow the new
install proceedure.

If you did case 3) you should un-install both patch D, and the security
patch (order probably doesn’t matter, but do the reverse of install if you
can remebmer). Then re-install patch D, followed by security patch (order
is very important!)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
If you have any question, ask in this thread and I’ll answer, or get


Martin Walter wrote:

There is a new installation proceedure for TCP/IP 4.25 patch D.

Any chance this patch will be made available to those of us who have
been around since long before the CD installer was introduced?
Patch C is the last patch available in the Quics tree :frowning: