Touchscreen on Dolch NotePAC

Hello all,

We had a Dolch NotePAC in-house and tested an external touchscreen
accessed via /dev/ser2 using the “Input” program. The protocol is “ahl”,
and the external version of the touch screen (it was actually a big,
flat touchscreen connected to the NotePAC via a serial cable) worked

Dolch assured us that the internal version of the touchscreen (it is
actually part of the display and not connected via a serial cable) uses
the same protocol and the only difference is that it is connected
internally. Through the BIOS, the touchscreen is connected via
/dev/ser1. Loading up Microsoft Windows on the NotePAC reveals a
functioning touchscreen (windows drivers worked fine). All attempts to
make Input work with this touchscreen have so far failed.

The following settings worked perfectly on the external version of the
Input ahl fd -d/dev/ser2

Now, in the case of the new NotePAC, substituting /dev/ser2 with
/dev/ser1 should do the trick, but it does not.

Things I found interesting:
External touchscreen baud rate was 9600 (if I remember correctly)
Internal touchscreen baud rate is 19200 (as detected by windows)
"cat"ting /dev/ser1 shows a periodic pulse of two bytes.
The touchscreen controller chip is a DMC9512.

Am I missing something? There is SOMETHING on /dev/ser1. Maybe it needs
to be initialized?

Any help is greatly appreciated.