executable not found sometimes

A little background :slight_smile:

We have a task running on a node of a three node network. One of the things
it does is every 5 minutes shells sin for the other two nodes and parses the
output file to make sure certain required tasks are running.

About the time we upgraded from a Pentium 2 to a Pentium 4, this task
started reporting errors every couple days even though all required tasks
were running.

Anyway, I tracked it down and it seems every now and then when I shell

sin -n8 >sinlist

it is coming back with ‘sin not found’? I changed it to have the full path
to sin now to see if that helps, but can anyone explain why an app that is
shelling sin every 5 minutes 24 hours a day should occassionally not be able
to find sin?


Sheldon Parkes