qt3 with qwt widgets

I have been trying to get qt to make a working application with the qwt widgets. I have managed to get the qwt examples to compile under QNX 6.3.0 but when I execute all I get is a bunch of “unknown symbol:” printouts and a final “Could not resolve all symbols” before the app exits. I have successfully used desiger to create working apps using the standard Qt widgets.

Any Ideas?

Doug Owens

Details? Can you post those “unknown symbol”?

If you download the Qt and XFree86 4.3 from sourceforge.net/project/showfile … p_id=21249 They should just work fine if you have /usr/X11R6/lib and /usr/X11R6/qt3/lib in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

As my message said, I can get Qt widgets to work fine. The messages about unknown symbols are all blank after the colon. The problem seems to be with the particular version of gcc and shared libraries. If I build the qwt stuff with 2.96 the app will build and then give the unknown symbol outputs. If I build qwt with the 3.3 compiler the link fails. I did succeed in getting qwt to work by building a static library (make staticlib) using the 2.96 gcc.