MySQL, Perl and DBD-mysql perl module

Hi, All,

Can anybody tell me how to install DBD-mysql 2.9004 or any other DBD-mysql perl module on QNX 6.2.1B?

I’m trying to set up Bugzilla (look my topic about Bugzilla), it deals with mysql and perl, and I still can’t sort out problems with the perl modules.

It seems, that I have some problems with libraries, because all 100% of DBD tests are failed (there were no on ‘perl Makefile.PL’ or on ‘make’ errors, only on ‘make test’ errors have occured). After I do ‘make install’, it seems to be okay in formal dependencies, but during the execution an internal error occured…

Another question is about graphic libraries - how to install libgd? I couldn’t find it anywhere…

Thank you for reading up to the end… ;)

Just for your information: a few years ago when I used the mysql from , the DBD mysql compiled fine.

I got through the installation of mysql and DBD - I downloaded mysql (4.1.9? - the last one from ) than I compiled DBD-mysql. Now it works. I think that the problem was with binary packets - compilers compatibility error…

The only question I still have is about libgd - I want this graphics library but I cannot find it. I saw it for cygwin but nothing for QNX. Does anybody know how to find and install it?