howto enable IPv6 network?


I would like to contiue already started topic (more than a year ago), but it was not possible, therefore I am forced to ask this question in a new topic.

How can be enabled IPv6 network?
Could somebody post exat ifconfig command how to set up IPv6 addresses on an interface.

Thank you…

If you have a “/lib/dll/”, load that.

By default a link local address is configured for you, you CAN ifconfig the interface to add more address, but V6 typically don’t do ifconfig. Read some v6 howtos first. The have a IPv6 howto is pretty good and useful.

bash-2.05a# ls /lib/dll/
ls: No such file or directory (/lib/dll/

What should I do… I run 6.3.0 eval. As I understand 6.3.0 eval is PE until one month elvaluation period and just a purchased licenece makes a difference (I mean no software upgrade is needed)

Where can I get one “/lib/dll/”?
And if I would have it how to load an *.so file?

Sorry, for dummy questions, but I am newbee for QNX.

You need to get (i.e. buy) the Extending Networking Technology Development Kit (TDK); it includes PE includes only ( is a symlink to the appropriate one of these).

That’s true for 6.3.0. 6.2.1 included IPV6, in fact I beleive it was the default stack.

Thank you for competent answer.

Is that the only file that is needed in order to run IPv6 or half of the IP stack etc should be rebuild.

Is it possible to download some test version of ?

I do beleive the only thing you need is, To my knowledge there is no official test version of it, you would need to talk to sales.

can’t you copy the from the 6.2.1 and loaded in 6.3.0???