QNX4 software management on a cluster


I’m looking for ideas on how to manage the distribution of software on a cluster of QNX4 workstations.

multiple QNX4 machines on a manufacturing floor
Linux system controller in a control room.

The QNX4 machines have an OS install (but the OS version may be different based on the age of the machine), common application software, but have different application configuration files, and different system configurations and may have different hardware (requiring different system config files).

Currently, we have a in-house application that uses rcp to copy files from the Linux system controller to the QNX machines. This has worked for years, but it could be better. Some problems:
Only files with a user-level ownership can be copied to the machines (that is, when they are copied to the machine, they have a set user and access rights).
To chmod or chown, an operator has to log into every machine and run a maintenance script.

With all of the work being done on *nix clusters, there has to be some good applications to assist with software distribution, configuration, and maintenance of my QNX4 cluster.

Any ideas?