Any one have network connection via dialup modem and PPP?


I am trying to connect network by CDMA modem by PPP protocol vis a serial port.

I have sucess on dialing the modem and getting connection messages but thereafter
I am not able to login and to connect network(ppp).

I think that -U and -T option is not work. Anyone have these experience?

Please comment.

Followings are test results.


1.serial port setting

stty < /dev/ser3

Name: //1/dev/ser3

Type: serial

Opens: 2 (RW)

Sigint Grp: 0, Sighup pid: 0

+raw +brkint

+ihflow +ohflow +lkhflow

intr=^C erase=^? kill=^U eof=^D start=^Q stop=^S min=01 time=00

par=none bits=8 stopb=1 baud=115200 rows=0,0

+DTR +RTS -BRK +cts +dsr -ri -cd ioport=3E8 irq=10

  1. modem command

modem -b 115200 -m /dev/ser3 -D fff -i “AT+CRM=1” -d 1501 -U sktelecom::#

  1. log file after the above modem command

41FB2A2B STATUS: Restart

41FB2A2C INPUT: “at” 0

41FB2A2D INPUT: “ok” 0


41FB2A31 INPUT: “” 1

41FB2A3A STATUS: Restart

41FB2A3C INPUT: “at” 0

41FB2A3C INPUT: “ok” 0


41FB2A41 INPUT: “” 1

41FB2A43 INPUT: “” 1

41FB2A44 EMIT: “ATDT1501”

41FB2A49 INPUT: “connect” 4

41FB2A4D INPUT: “connect” 1

  1. environments
  • OS : QNX4.25

  • modem : CDMA STANDALONE MODEM ( in /dev/ser3 )

  • telecommunication provide : sktelecom ( 1501 is phone number )

  • modem initial command : AT+CRM=1

  • User ID : sktelecom Passwd : none


I’m also facing similar problem while connecting a GPRS modem. Being new to QNX i dont know how to configure serial port/modem/dialer . Please send me related information.