6.3 - PE and packages

I’d like to have the feeling from the community about the 6.3 version, because according to my tries from the month of June up today with Eclipse and other changes came with this version, I’m still wondering if I stay to 6.2 or if I switch to 6.3.

For me:

The only reason to switch to 6.3 is the improvements done about Photon developments.
I’m not sure that the IDE’s debugger is more interesting than DDD!

The main problems are:

  1. The difference between the project management between the recursive makefiles and Eclipse.
    The unability to create nested projects within Eclipse is not only a problem of clearness in a project’s architecture but a real difficulty to maintain the dozens of projects based on the recursive makefiles method.
    Ok we can declare a traditional ‘C’ project an decide to not being able to use all wizard’s options setting.
    Convert the project? because of the PE price, we are maybe not ready to give a PE to each developper!

  2. The packages; this is certainly the most obvious contradiction in this 6.3.
    -New qnxinstall with features claimed since their disappearence in 6.1 but we are still waiting for the dependency list we had before!!!
    -New cl-installer’s features we claimed (me between others) in 6.2.
    -New feature to allow to use the packages without the package filesystem.

but in fact, QSSL decided to no more use the packages and cl-installer is no more shipped :imp: !!??!! :imp:

Anyone complained about fs-pkg problems or instability ?

I use fs-pkg on a server for 5 years 6.0 6.1 6.2 and on several targets where I install/deinstall/copy/remove/create WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM!!!

And now?
when I develop executables, libraries, headers, etc…
How do I install it on other QNX hosts?
How do I install it on XP hosts?
Shell scripts? the same between QNX and Windows?
tar, zip? the same between QNX and Windows?
How can I know which version of any module a user use to build its program?
How can I install the modules, configuration files, etc… on a customer target?
How can I know which version this customer uses?
How can I know that a file has been modified from the base installation?

Ok, today qnxinstall seems to not taking care of QNX_TARGET/QNX_HOST but from my point of view, packages are the only answer to these questions!!!

I think I know the answer from Armin ;-) but I’m absolutely not ready to use rpm. QNX packages exists, qnxinstall exists (QNX and Windows at least), cl-installer exists, fs-pkg exists and they just have to be updated to work with the 6.3.

Finally I want to complain about the QSSL policy which decides to remove features without taking care about their customers point of view. And I don’t want to discuss about core, tools or I don’t know what else. For me, packages is a feature, a REALLY necessary feature, available from the beginning of QNX 6, and even if QSSL decided to no more use it for its core components (which is, from my point of view not a good idea), I can’t understand they could decide that everybody has to forget it !! :imp:

I waiting for your opinions.


Hey Alain,

Personaly I’m glad fs-pkg is gone … it had a direct major impact on your computer performance … 6.3 is much faster one the exact same HW than 6.2 was.


I kind of bitter about 6.3 since it broke many of my favorite apps (PhCam, PhFTP) but from a development point of view it is much better and faster and if you are gonna develop for qnx, its second to none.