gcc, g++, qcc? Which is the best?

Hello all,

I’ve got a quick question. I’ve been working more closely with my QNX command line lately, and I’ve found that there are quite a number of compiler/linker programs to choose from. I thought I’d stop by here and get opinions about which one is the best one to use, and if there are any guides that you might know of for using any of them. Thanks for your opions.


qcc is the one that will get you all the features but once the eval is over it won’t work anymore.

I don’t know which of the other is best as I only use qcc.

“qcc” isn’t a compiler. It’s just a little program that calls gcc, providing the locations of the libraries for the appropriate target, reworking some of the options to be more like Posix, and such. “qcc” could be replaced with a shell script. It’s only 33K of code.

Writing an open source replacement for “qcc” would be a good little project, since it would make the 6.3 “eval” much more useful.