HELP! I've exhausted all efforts...

Good afternoon. I have literally exhausted all efforts :cry:, while trying to get a QNX partition to mount in Linux, (Fedora Core2). I just realized this morning, that :open_mouth: I should kick myself repeatedly, because I was trying to mount a QNX2 partition in FC2. :blush: So, now the dilema…How, or is it even possible, can I mount this qnx2 drive to ANY OS so that I can pull some data from the drive?! The computer running in QNX2 was installed by contractors that have been since removed. Their programming is required to run a certain piece of machinery. Our current contractor needs this information, so we can reverse engineer the software, and design the same program on a more “universal” platform. Any assistance would be appreciated!

To my knowledge you can’t, maybe QNX4 can, not even sure.

Linux can only read QNX 4 partitions (used by QNX 4 and QNX 6).
QNX 2 partitions can only be read by QNX 2 and QNX 4 (read-only).
If you just want to transfer some files from QNX 2, you could use DOS format floppy, or TCP/IP network.


VMware v3.x will run QNX (our backup server for all of our QNX2 applications uses VMWare) on W2K and XP. The trick is - how is your QNX data stored currently, and on what medium? We used Zip disks where we can. We have some QIC02 tapes, and can convert QIC02 to Zip.

I have even run physical applications communicating with the outside world through serial ports on VMWare.

QNX2 will runs in latest version of VMware, 5.0