Intel 82551ER driver


I am looking for an intel 82551ER network driver for qnx 4.25?

If the driver is not available, I’d like to know if this is a common card that someone else may also have wanted?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

I cannot tell from the model number, as Intel have so many of them. The
Vendor and Device IDs from show_pci would tell me more. You can also try
starting the Net.ether82557 driver and specify the Vendor and Device IDs on
the command line with the -V and -D options.

As for a common card, DEC tulip card is well supported.

Does anyone know if the Net.i82540 works with the intel 82541 chipset … if so how would i select it if it was the second PCI NIC as there are no -V -D flags

I’m sorry it has taken so long to re-post

The whole thing has been delayed because I don’t actually have the hardware yet. I think before they bought anything they just wanted to ask some initial questions…

Thanks anyway though,