installation problem

Hi, I have a problem installing the OS. I use a boot floppy to install from the cd. But the installer doesn’t detect my hd. When it prompts “which disk u want to install qnx on…the disk must be bootable from bios…” the screen shows no disks. I played around with some of the boot options, but they didn’t seem to make a difference. I use a High Point hpt366 hd controller, which qnx says it supports on their website.

side note: When I run the OS off the CD, i tried looking for /dev/hd0 and /dev/hd1…but they are not there. cd0 and fd0 is there though.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Eric

You may have to tweak the startup of devb-eide as discussed at

i tried playing around with devb-eide
devb-eide eide vid=0x1103,did=0x0004
but nothing came up…and devb-eide hangs after a few tries
what to do?
and if i find my disk, do i do the manual install on the liveCD mode?