Newbee Alert :-)) QNX programming

:wink: Hello,

i´m completely new to QNX…had a copy a couple of years ago and i liked it, but i went back into the dark…back to Windows.

Now i am completely cured from that :stuck_out_tongue: and i want to explore the possibilities of several Live-CDs (like this OS, Knoppix and others) just to see which one fits the most on my new PC…it came with XP Home Edt and the very first thing i did, was to free my PC from that OS.

Now i have downloaded the 30 days evl-version of QNX and i wanted to know what the best places in the internet are to learn how to add/remove options in QNX to my likings.

If you have some info for me, i would be very greatfulllllllll.


There are some software at , that’s about it.

The best place to learn his probably reading the online doc ;-) Then there is the QNX site, the newsgroup and here…