Can't connect to cicso router


I have just installed qnx without anyproblems…
It boots just fine and found most of my hardware.
My problem is connecting to the internet.
It have found my ethernet card and things looks fine.
But first of all. I can’t get it to use DHCP from my router (a cisco 677).
(I got ADSL 512kbit from cybercity denmark).
So I tried to install manually, with my ip and gateway( and DNS
A configuration I also use in win2000. But I can’t ping my router. Not even
when I connect it directly to my computer. I can ping myself on
(the ip my router would have given me with DHCP.
Same problem when I connect by hub. I can’t ping ANYTHING on the network. I
got 3 computers running. But again. All I can ping is the computer running
qnx. The other computers on the network cannot ping the qnx mashine. What
could the problem be?
The ethernet card got a realtek chip and is made by LevelOne. Its a 10/100mb
What could I do to get this working. I really would like to test qnx as a

I got a few other issues aswell.
Is there anyway I could connect my NTFS drives so I could see them in qnx.
This would really be nice, cause I have a entire ftp on a ntfs hd…:slight_smile:

I can’t get sound to work. Its a onboard soundcard on my K7V mainboard from
asus. Anyone have a solution to this.?

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated…

Thanks for your time.

Thomas Severinsen