I have a pc without any kind of network hardware. I need to do a local ftp (I know it seems stupid, but I need it). When I boot from the QNX partition I have no problem. But I’ve made a bootable image and I’ve installed it into another partition, and it doesn’t work. I know I have tu use io-net (and then the daemons), but don’t know how.

In the host system, when I do enum-devices -n, io-net does’n appear, but I know it’s active, 'cause it appears when ps -A. Can anybody tell me how to use io-net just for local use? Drivers? Protocols?


Grillo Solitario

Ehm, when I said “local ftp” I meant use ftp from the pc to itself.
ftp localhost

sorry for my English.

qnx.com/developers/docs/mome … o-net.html

to start io-net with tcpip support:
io-net -p tcpip &

if io-net is already running you can load tcpip support:
mount -T io-net npm-tcpip.so

you can check what modules are loaded by io-net:
pidin -Pio-net mem

solved. thank you! :- >>