Can't use my modem

Hi everybody, I’m new to this O.S.

My modem is a Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone and it’s internal. In
Windows ME and 98 it works on COM4. I tried Using the devc-ser8250 and it
appears ser3 and ser4 y my Dialing Up Connection under QNX. But it always
say Connection failed on attemps to ATZ!!

What’s the problem?

The Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone is a so-called win-modem where most of
the functionality is in the drivers and not in hardware. It will work when
you have special neutrino drivers for it (which most probably don’t exist).
I’m using the same modem and haven’t found them yet and doubt if I will ever
find them.

Safest way is to buy an external modem which you connect to one of your