Hi Everybody,
I could able to mount the USB Mass storage device and copy from/to the USB mass storage device.

For a application we need to have bulk transfer of USB.

so i have used standard API like usbd_connect(), attach, and got the device descriptor of the device and its Contol pipe and Bulk pipe. When trying to initialize get status of device it returns “z5”. could NOT transfer the file on the Bulk In pipe opened. weired to study response byte code. 0X00c, 0x50… felt like rewriting the “devb-umass” driver.

so now just mounted the file system and using direct file handling on the mounted usb mass storage. And Is it possible to use commands like (io-usb, usb, devb-umass) to use in c/c+= program.

Pls do reply to this message. It will be a great help to start with my project.


This talk may be helpful?