Keyboard not working on Asus S8 series laptop

I’ve got a very strange problem: I just wanted to try out QNX RTP on my new
laptop Asus S8600 (Cel-650, 96 MB RAM, 20GB HD, SMI Lynx graphics, nothing
really special, except no PS/2 connectors for external keyboards). So I
the virtual file system version in a 600 MB
file on my (second) 1.5GB Win98 partition (which lies at the very end of the
physical HD space, in case that matters).
Now I can boot Win98 or QNX via the CONFIG.SYS start menu. QNX does start
indeed, and I can select the start options with the SPACE key. Most of the
time (every third try or so it just hangs, no idea why) it boots to the
Photon login screen and there it ends: I just can’t type, the internal
keyboard doesn’t work at all, while the touchpad does. Not a single key
works. In text mode login it doesn’t work either.

So I played around with the boot options, chose Verbose mode, boot to
console and the (don’t know the true name) error recovery mode where I get
into the console and have to enter “exit” a few times until the real login
appears. Strangely in these error recovery “pre-consoles” the keyboard still
works, but then neither in the Photon nor in the console login.
I do get a few error messages on booting, right at the beginning a few range
check errors which I don’t believe are harmful, but then:

“starting bin/sh
sh: j_init: tcgetpgrp() failed: inappropriate I/O control operation
sh: warning: won’t have full job control
devi-hirun kbd fd -d/dev/kbd os2 kb -2”

The last line obviously initializes the keyboard and in turn is the last
line to appear before any login screen appears (where the keyboard works no

I found some older post about this matter, but none with a solution.
Any help available?


And sorry for the multiple post in different NGs, but ordinary crossposting
with follow up wasn’t allowed :frowning: