82559ER network card in PC104


I have a PC104 card (PCM-3350) and it has a 82559ER ethernet controller.

I am using QNX 6.2.1 SE. Using pci -v, I get:

Class= Network (Ethernet)
Vendor ID= 8086h, Intel Corporation
Device ID= 1209h, 82559ER ethernet controller
PCI index= 0h
Class codes= 020000h
Revision ID= 10h
Bus number= 0
Device number= 11
Function number= 0
Status Reg= 7h
Command Reg= 7h
Header type= 0h Single-function
BIST= 0 h
Latency timer= 40h

The card is automatically detected in the start-up, but anyway I have written the following line to start the ethernet driver of the card correctly:

ionet -d speedo did=0x1209,vid=0x8086 -p tcpip -p qnet

The card seems to be working but everything (ping, telnet) works really slow (I have tried in a network and also using a cross-cable with another

Using the command ifconfig en0, I get:

ifconfig: en0: no media types?
address: 00:0b:ab:05:8b:fb
inet netmask 0xfffff800 broadcast

No media is detected?? What is happening?Am I doing something wrong??

Thank you very much.

If you need more information, please tell me.

You might try to force the mediay type (10/100/1000 half/full duplex)

Did you kill the previous version of io-net prior to attempting the the line above ?

Do you have any ISA cards that could be conflicting (IRQ) with the 82559 ? If so, then set the IRQ that the ISA card uses to legacy in the BIOS.


Silly problem. I have the same PCM-3350 on 6.3.0 (and previous on 6.2.1) and I did not have any network issues at all. Is the cable (from the PCM-3350 → RJ45) ok?? The cable is very fragile, maybe the cable is busted or wrong.
Try to fix the cable, try a new cable or try the original cable if you are using a home brewn.

Good luck,


Hello. Thank you for your answers.

It could not be more silly. My cross-over cable (I have been using it several times without any problem was wrong now).

Fmartens, after you have told me that you have used the PCM-3350
network card without any problem, I have then started to think that I could have a problem with the cable and not with the configuration or the drivers.

Thank you again.