Resources and CASE tools for real-time

As a new real-time programmer, I have learned all the basics of a real-time OS but I still cann’t find a good source that I could teach myself how to use these basics and design a optimal real-time software!!! I know all about mutex, synchronization, message passing, timers,… but I can’t find a good source that I could learn how to efficiently use these tools and desing and apply a good real-time software. You may sure say that comes with experince but I need a book that has a couple advanced enough real-time programming problems with their implementation in POSIX. Do you know any? I have the QNX cookbook but it’s kinda vague for me. I need something that step by step show me the desing of a real-time software using the above tools in any POSIX based OS. Do you know any source?

Plus, do we have any good CASE tool for real-time softwate desing proper for QNX ?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Rob’s Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2 – A Guide for Realtime Programmers is definitely helpful.

Sure, I have studied this book but this book teaches you how to implement multi-threading, mutex, message passing,… not how to desing with these tools. What I need is a bood or an artcile that teach me real-time software desing issues using these tools not the tools themselves?! Something with complex-enough examples that step by step walk me through their desing and coding in POSIX

Thanks for your note.

QNX Cookbook ?

oh, I meant: The QNX Cookbook - Recipes for Programmers. This the book that I have but not much helpful for the level I am at. Do you of anything else? Even a website and even POSIX based desing ?