More Partition Questions

This is a related question that I posted about partition install.

We were trying to install multiple OS ( QNX, Lynx and Windows) to one
machine by partition install.
As we installed Lynx OS first, which only uses 2 GB, the rest of the HD
space is unused.
then, as we tried to install QNX by partitioning the unused space, it gave
the following error while installation attempt.

"DINIT: can’t open drive ‘/dev/hd0t79’: Bad file descriptor.
/qnxbase/safe-config/x86/bin/init -hq /dev/hd079:failed (12292 256)

Partition install aborted!!!

What do you think is wrong here? How can we install multiple OS ( QNX and
Lynx most importantly) correctly?

Thank you!

Eri Makimura