/.diskroot file? Package config file?

Mornin’ all,
I loved the demo disc but I’ve only now got around to installing RTP 6.0.
When it all grinds to a halt this is on the screen:

ata identify: IDE reset failed 80
Mounting a cd filesystem as /fs/cd1 on /dev/cd1
Mounting a cd filesystem as /fs/cd0 on /dev/cd/0
/.diskroot file for root not found on any filesystem.
Starting with safe mode
Starting fs-pkg -f/pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/package/packages
[4102] fs-pkg built : Sep 7 2000 16.00.23
Warning [/pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/package/packages] doesn’t seem to
Can’t access package config file
Unable to access packages.
Starting /bin/sh/pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/sysinit

Whatever I try this is where I end up, and I’m in the dark.
Anybody able to clarify?
Thanks, Dave.

P.S. Where’s the best place to read about 6.0?