Compatibility ?

Hi there,

I’m very very new to qnx but it seems great , i just wanna know something…
How is qqnx with laptop, power management “strange resolution” etc… here a toshiba with nvidia and resolution of 1280*800 ?
Is there any place where i can see what kind of programs i can use after installed ? like firefox etc…
Is it eaasy to port a linux app to qnx ?
Thanks a lot for any informations

The strange resolution should be OK, might take a big of work though.

NVidia chipsets are generally not supported, they will work, just not accelerated.

power management, nope.

You can get a lot of stuff from the Software Installer supplied with QNX, or just google for things.

Porting, depends on the app, anything big will likely cause problems, small CLI stuff will often port over easy enough.

Photon, QNX’s GUI, is happy with any resolution. A particular driver/card on the other hand can be more picky. The VESA driver for one is limited to the modes listed in the card’s BIOS and sometimes there are not very many listed.