Looking for QNX 2 Manuals?

I’ve just been handed the job of backing up the hard drives for the company’s equipment. The problem is that they are running QNX 2 and that there aren’t any manuals that I can find for Qnx 2. I see from reading the board that this is becoming a familiar problem with other people as well. Any help is as always greatly appreciated.

I haver never seen a soft copy of the QNX 2 manual (PDF or online).

Some old QNX users may still have the hard copy, and if you are willing to pay big bucks for the rare item, someone may bite :slight_smile:

Also, have you contacted QNX to see if they are still selling it?

Yes I also have a email into them also. Thanks for the quick reply.

I have a couple of QNX2 manuals here in my office but they are very rare beasts and as such very valuable.

My email address is visible (or should be). Please let me know what commands you want help on and I can scan or help you with that.