help me ---- ftp ---> error 500 (linux to qnx 6.1.0 by l

after i´m establishing ftp-connection…i read that…
what does mean the error message:

“500 Can´t set guest privileges.” (???)

Why I can set those “privileges” especially in what kind of configuration file can I set up the recommended “privileges” to get acces via FTP?

(I am using a Linux-system to find ftp-acces (by lan) to my
==> i´m using qnx 6.1.0
----------------------------------------------------------------- another question ----------

And how can I set up the networking ports ? an example: opening port 80 or other ports…or closing ports …what conf-file is needet to edit?

-------------------------------hopefully that both questions are not stupid ;-)

Are you trying to ftp login as a normal user or anonymous? The fact that you are getting “Can´t set guest privileges” seems to indicate you are trying anonymous. I don’t think anonymous ftp is setup by default, but the normal user account ftp should work. If you really want to setup anonymous ftp, you will need to read a bit, such as the ftpd doc, create a “ftp” user account with home directory, etc. Come back if you questions.

You need an application listening on that port. eg: you install and config apache to listen on port 80 and you will have port 80 open.