Video training samples now available, includes discount!

Hi folks,

We have a limited stock of our “Introduction” section of the video training
available for sale. It’s US$25 in North America, US$35 elsewhere, and includes
free shipping. This modest investment allows you to experience first-hand
what video training is all about. If you purchase this VHS tape, you’ll also
be entitled to receive the regular training course for US$895 instead of the
normal list price of US$995. Additional student licenses are only US$295
(or US$275 with the purchase of the above “Introduction” section). We also have
quantity discounts and site licenses.

You can get more information about our video training and instructor-led
training at:

Video training is a cost-effective alternative to instructor-led training,
and allows your seasoned developers and new-hires to get up to speed quickly,
and without the need for, or expense of, travel. Our video training course is
an ideal way of learning the concepts of processes, threads, realtime programming,
device drivers, interprocess communications, and other aspects of systems-level
programming for the QNX Neutrino operating system – in short, everything you
need for your project or evaluation. Video training is also an effective preview
or review for our instructor-led seminars.

You can reach us at +1 877 727 7379 (toll free in North America, elsewhere at
+1 613 599 8316) between 9am and 9pm eastern time, or send us an email to We accept payment by VISA card.


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