Problem with send()

I use the send() function to send data over a TCP/IP connection. The send() function is used in a loop as follow:

[code] //----- connect to server -----
if ( connect( sid_local, (struct sockaddr*)&server_addr, sizeof(server_addr) ) == 0 )
printf(“TCP CLIENT: connected to %s\n”, Client_parameters->server_IP );

    do {
        //nb_sent = send( sid_local, tx_buffer , block_size, 0 ); // sending data to server
        nb_sent = write( sid_local, tx_buffer , block_size ); // sending data to server
    } while (nb_sent > 0);


Whenever the server stop the program exits and gives the following error:
TCP_test terminated with signal 13

I expected the loop to end and the program to continue not to exit.
Then, my question is how to properly exit the loop when the server close the connection?

you have to handle the SIGPIPE signal which is being generated on write()/send() into a closed socket because default handler terminates the process


Thanks a lot, it solved the problem. :smiley: