SounBlaster 16/Pro problem

I installed QNX RTP 6.0 and I had no problem with sound card, it
worked very well if in BIOS PnP is disabled. Now I have QNX RTP 6.1.0
and I have no sound and the BIOS is the same. I installed and
uninstalled many times QNX but still nothing, 6.1.0 still have no
sound. I love too much QNX to have no sound on it.

My hardware config is:

  • main board chipset: Intel 430TX (Pentium MMX 166MHz)
  • sound on board type Sound Blaster 16/Pro compatible
  • under Windows I use a driver named like CMI8330 but under Linux (RH
    7.2) is working only as Sound Blaster Pro (memory range 220h, dma 0,
    irq 5).

Thanks in advance, and I’ll appreciate any help!
Daniel Pin