Real Time Devices CM112 Utility Card with CT65554 graphics



I am new to QNX and am having some video resolution problems. Has
anyone gotten higher than 640x480/16 color resolution with a Real Time
Devices CM112 Utility card with the Chips and Technology CT65554 video
controller? The default driver in QNX6.1 can’t deal with the fact
this contorller uses an ISA bus rather than PCI. I can get the card
up and running under win98 using the most generic Microsloth driver.
I’m told its an issue of address space for video bios. ISA can’t
address enough space so the video bios needs to get chunked up into a
nonlinear (continious) memory segment.

The default graphics driver loading command is
io-graphics -g640x480x8 -P/usr/photon/palette/vga4.pal

I have tried modifying this to forc the Chips driver to load
io-graphics -g640x480x8

I just get the error
mode_init: Bad file Descriptor

I tried playing around with crttrap without any success: Where do I
go from here? This card is listed as supported on QNX 4.25 I tried to
find that & download it with out any success finding an iso for it

Thanks in advance