installation of 6.2.1

I am going to install QNX on its own partition, I was asked which one I want to delete.

F1) FAT32 (30 GB)
F2) Extended (10GB)
F3) 0
F4) 0
F5) Exit

Extended is like that:
Linux Ext3
Linux Swap
Ext2 - free space for QNX

Whole extended partition will be deleted if I choose F2?

no, it will ask how much you want to use for qnx but it will destroy data doing so. QNX’s partitioner is not that smart.

so maybe I should run Partition Magic and leave some free, unformated space on the extended partition. Will it be better?

No, you a a real empty partition, an extended partion is in the eyes for fdisk used HD space what ever it contains.

If you want to use a logical drive in an extended partition, you are out of luck. QNX’s fdisk is brain dead as discussed here. But that discussion is for QNX 6.3. For QNX 6.2x, you can try the below steps. I haven’t tested myself, so please come back and let us know if it works or not.

Since you have Linux installed, you can use the “fdisk” in Linux to create a QNX type 4f (decimal 79) partition anywhere you want.

You can then boot your QNX 6.2x CD, in a LiveCD mode. and

  1. “format” the new QNX partition. eg: dinit -R -h /dev/hd0t79
  2. mount the new QNX partition and copy the boot files from QNX CD over.
    eg: cp /fs/cd0/boot/fs/qnxbasedma.ifs /newmnt/.boot
    cp /fs/cd0/boot/fs/qnxbase.ifs /newmnt/.altboot
  3. mkdir -p /newmnt/boot/fs
    and copy all files from /fs/cd0/boot/fs/. to /newmnt/boot/fs
  4. now add this new QNX partition to your boot loader. (if you use Linux’s grub, you will need to boot into Linux to do that. Search this forum if you need help on adding QNX to grub or lilo).
  5. Reboot the system to QNX partition, you will go through the normal video configuration, and finally when you login, the “installer” will come up. Make sure QNX CD is in the drive and the installer should guide you to finish the install.