gcc 2.95.2 for RTP- installation


How can I install without Photon gcc 2.95.2
What I did:

  1. Went to /fs/cd0/repository
  2. Cp the gcc* /tmp
  3. Rename qpk in tgz. And unpack the staff in tmp.
  4. I have qnx/gcc/ … structure of the dir
  5. Went to /tmp/qnx/gcc/core-2.95.2/x86/usr/bin
  6. Execute cpp: installation problem, cannot exec cpp: No such file or
    dir …
  7. ntox86-gcc is executed ok.

Did I installed correct the stuff? Then I can mv recursive the hole dir
under /gnu after this. What other settings do I need to do in order to
get running gcc under RTP latest ?