need qnx 4.2x

OK, here’s the thing… I’ve just started working in a lab where QNX 4.2x is the OS used for a lot of the data recording. Before I showed up one of their hard drives crashed. Now I’m the point man for repairing a computer running on an OS I know very little about. But I’ve been picking it up in a hurry. The guide says if the you suspect the hard drive is toast you need to boot from floppy and then fsys to check and see if any of the drive is salvagable. Problem is they seem to have lost their floppies. I understand we’re all supposed to upgrade to v6 or whatever, but first I need to recover this computer. If the HD is indeed toast, I can probably make a backup of the second nearly identical lab computer and then use that to reconstitute the one that’s busted. But I’d still need to boot with the floppies first and then recover using that backup. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.