My computer doesn't let me out on the net ;-(

I tryed every possible way to get my NIC to work, and now I think it does,
but I cant configure phlip right (i guess)
So I totally gave up on the fast and free Internet with QNX-RtP, and tryed
to set up my modem, and now the modem won’t dial.

I guess the computer doesn’t want me to get on the net with QNX, cause then
I’ll just stuf it full of QNX stuff.

I’m at the point of giving it all up, I get plenty of help here, but when I
dont know if I’m doing it right myself, or if it is a hardware that doesnt
work, the situation is hopeless…

I will however continue to read all the postings about modem / NIC setup,
and try, but for now I’m stuck with W98, and that sucks!