Some simple steps to set up an install for systems without C

Hi, I am wanting to get RTP set up in a (obviously more minimally) bunch of
machines which do not have CD drives and so can’t use the normal CD that has
everything loaded. Plus, the normal install wants a huge amount of space
free (huge for the target systems I’m working with anyway - in most the
entire drive space is under 300mb, most are barely over 100mb) on the drive
you are installing it to. However in almost all of them I do have a floppy
that attaches to the portable via a cable and is a “real” floppy (ie: to the
BIOS & hardware it is a normal “A” drive, not a parallel port or piggybacked
type of drive) and so a floppy-based install routine would be fine, even if
I needed to use 10-15 floppies to do it.

Or even if I didn’t put all the files on it that I would want in the final
system but rather only what was needed to get the system up far enough to
recognize the PCMCIA network card and get me onto the LAN to
install/configure the rest of the packages it would be fine.

For a small number of them I don’t have the floppy drive option at all, but
I’m hoping I can use one of the others that are similar enough to make use
of a image with drivers for both types of systems and use it to bring them
up enough to do final configuration.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create an install set of floppies,
or even one that has enough to be able to start up a PCMCIA ethernet card
(one of the supported ones, of course) and use that with BOOTP to come up
the rest of the way?