qnxrtp.iso - how to set devb-eide ?


once again.
I installed the qnxrtp.iso as a file within windows.
Booting QNX fails because I use a motherboard with HPT366 chipset with
an UDMA66 harddisk. QNX doesnt find my harddisk. There is only the CD.

I read all other postings, so I think
I can tell the sytem how to find the disk with
devb-eide eide ioport=xxxx irq=yy (I know the correct values).

But I dont know how.

Where and how can I give qnxrtp the right settings for my HD ?

Editing an startup script ?
There is no /etc mounted. The system uses only the debug shell.
So I only know els. Other commands possible ? How to edit a file ?

Giving special boot options ?
Are there more options as printed after spacebar pressing ?
Are there options for the QNX loader in config.sys from windows ?

Anyway, I think my system could run QNXrtp, but I dont know how to set it up.