problems booting after installing "release" CD

I got the latest version of the Release CD-ROM in San Jose, about when QNX
put everything out on the WWW. I deinstalled my QNX2000 CD system, and
installed this one to get ddd working.

Now I get the following messages after my “stating extra run commands” line:

unable to load dll npm-ppmgr: library cannot be found
unable to run rc.sysinit, starting a shell
sh: j-init: tcgetpgrp() failed: inappropriate I/O control operation
sh: warning: won’t have full job control

PATH=0 - i82077

target=0 lun=0 Direct-Access(0) - fdc i82077 Rev:

Then I don’t have to log on. Photon runs, Voyager runs, ddd runs, but I
can’t connect with ftp or telnet. My local QNX support has no clue as to
what might be wrong.

I am stuck here until this is resolved.

Running AMPRO P166 board, CD-ROM, 5 Gb disk, 64Mby RAM, Ethernet.