DIO resmgr notification

Hi everybody,
I would like an application to monitor edges on digital inputs.
Anyone has an idea how this application would request notification from the DIO resmgr and get two different pulses upon rising edge and falling edge?

Thank you

The client program can use ionotify to specify an event to be trigger by the resmgr. You can use the flag field of ionotify, _NOTIFY_COND_INPUT type could be for rising edget and _NOTIFY_COND_OUTPUT could be for falling edge. Or use select() in a similar way.

Other alternative would be to present two paths name, one for rising edge and one for failling.

Or use ioctl to send a sigevent struction to give more flexibity then just 3 types of notifcation (INPUT/OUTPUT/OUTBOUND) provided by the ionotifcation stuff.