more questions

Yes, it works!!! But a number of questions has appeared.

  1. I have Matrox Millenium II. During setup I set refresh rate 75 but in graphics properties dialog I see that have refresh only 60 and I cannot change it. In combobox 60MHz is the only available
    refresh rate. In advanced setting I have parameter " -R75" (I guess that it’s a command line).
  2. Where can I set mount points for partitions?
  3. Where can I get international fonts for photon. I set russian fonts and I have rectangles in login dialog until I press right Alt+Ctrl. Where can I set initial language and keys for language
  4. Can I add packages like tetex to QRTP CD-ROM to add them via package manager?
  5. If I add in font administrator dialog box ‘Strict internatinal support’ (smth like this) photon doesn’t load. It says that phfontFA has invalid option.
  6. I’m trying to make boot images. To test them I write them to floppy via dinit. After several tests bad blocks appeared on it. I used dcheck to mark them. Does ‘dinit -f ./boot.ifs /dev/fd0’
    dangerous for floppy? And where can I get more information about build file parameters, switches etc.?