package manager problem

Dear all,

I have Compaq Armada 1572 notebook with Pentium MMX running at 233MHz,
48Mb RAM and 10Gb HD. The problem is that I cannot run package manager
from Photon. After pressing of “Package manager” button nothing happens,
when I try to launch “pkg-installer” from terminal window I get the
following response: pkg-installer: Interrupted function call.

One of possible reasons is, maybe, that I have no standard cd-rom drive,
only pcmcia scsi cd-rom which is not yet supported. But I copied
repository directory from rtp installation cd to harddisk under win98
and then tried to connect to that
using pkg-installer -u option. But there was the same result - for
unknown reason
execution of pkg-installer failed with the same response.

I would gladly appreciate any piece of advice on this matter.

Andy Aire