Package manager: Install everything or nothing

We installed QNXRTP on an STPC board, but when we try to add software
with Package manager it does not let us choose which packages to
install. We tried the “Install everything” button, but the
installation program stops complaining that it needs a license key for
the 128-bit version of Voyager.

The problem occurs only on the STPC board. We noticed that its VGA
driver works only at 640x480, and Package manager expects at least
800x600. This causes that some parts of its main window remain hidden.

We also downloaded an updated video driver from STPC’s web site, but
it seems for QNX4 and not for Neutrino. Concerning drivers, there is a
circular reference between sites (QNX’s says: check the STPC site, and
STPC’s sends you back to QNX’s).

To work around the problem, we took the hard disk out and connected it
to a normal desktop PC, installed everything there [excluding 128-bit
Voyager], and then moved the hard disk back to the STPC board.

Is there a straightforward way to do this?


Jose Luis