QNX2 Copy

I have never used QNX, I was tasked with imaging our production equipment drives. I discovered that about 30 of them have QNX2 on them. I tried using Ghost 7, 7.5, 8.0 using -IB, -IA, -IR. I also tried using Linux DD command. Please, anyone that could help.

I think the only way you can duplicate QNX disks is to do “disk to disk” copy, NOT partition copy. For this to work, you need to have the EXACT same disks. (C/H/S size)

I have some disks of Qnx 2.21 , instalations disks .

This software claims to support QNX, though I’ve tried it.

I tried the acronis, it failed as well. I get the same message. qnx loader , boot partition and an up arrow.
The disks are so old I can’t find the same disk, but I used the bios to set the drives to the same size, same message.

We purchased a hard drive duplicator. Because you have so many drives, it may make sense for you to do the same. Here is the web site: driveduplicators.com
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