How to install without a local CDROM?

I have a customer with an industrial system which has no
local CDROM, only stiffy/floppy driver and hard disk,
and oboard network adapter.
Question is, how to install the RTP to this system?

One option is installing somewhere else on to the HD
(on another, standard PC)
and then transferring the disk to the industrial system.
This is problematical, as posts to this group and elsewhere shows,
because of BIOS HD geometry differences etc.

Booting from a specially prepared boot disk with networking
on it seems to be the best way to go.
How would one install the RTP in this case?
I don’t think distributed processing is available, so the
networking will have to TCP/IP. How should the CD be mounted
or made accessible and what should be on the disk?
What software should reside on the disk in order to
start installing in this remote fashion?

Other ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.