"Consumer level" PPC platforms.

I’ve read on here that some people are wishing there was a mass
produced (ie affordable) consumer level PPC platform other than the
Mac which is a rather hostile environment for non Apple approved
operating systems. Well there are (sort of) two available.

First there is the G3 PCI card made by Sonnet, intended for upgrading
the PowerMac 7200. It has its own 66Mhz system bus and onboard DIMM
slots. Unfortunately the price is around $500. But if it has enough
onboard stuff it shouldn’t be too nasty to create a multiplatform
portable application to fake out the Mac OS 8.5+ install with the
New World ROM. :slight_smile: Then on to QNX, Linux PPC, OSX, ??? After all, these
days about the only difference between a “legacy free” Mac and a new
PC is the CPU.

Second there is the TiVo digital “VCR”. This set top box is PPC
based and runs on Linux for which the specialized source code is
available for download. Hard drive support is there but as for other
I/O devices???

Can anyone come up with more examples?