cron utility

Hi, Group

As a test of cron utility, I edit a file named “crontab” contains a line as follows:
crontab -d /home/peter1/crontabs -u peter1 cron_test

and another file named “crontab_test” contains as follows:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 * * * * (echo -n " "; date; echo) > /dev/con1
( Display the current time on the system console every minute . described by the helps)

Then I put the two files into the directory /home/peter1/crontabs.
As root user, I run the command :
#cron -d /home/peter1 -v &

It displays cron running, and nothing happens later.
I’m not sure I’m doing correctly. I need your help. Giving me a sample is much appreciated.

Peter Z