Problem with mouse and keyboard

why when I try to make start QNX at reboot I’m unable to do anything?
When arrive the screen for set graphic settings I can’t use neither mouse or keyboard, then I can’t start QNX.
Why? Nobody of my friends have this problem, that I have on two pc!
Excuse me for my english (I’m italian)
Bye :smiley:

You don’t mention what version of QNX you are using, or what type of keyboard/mouse you have on your pc(s). Are your mouse/keyboard USB devices by any chance ?

Qnx’s version is “QNX RTP 6.1 small ISO”
On the notebook the mouse is usb, in the desktop the mouse is PS2 as the keyboard, that is a normal keyboard.
What is the problem??
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me too…
I’ve the same problem with an AMD XP 1700, AOpen mainboard and release 6.21…

OK, the USB mouse on the notebook will not auto-detect.

As for the desktop machine, you can try disabling Photon and enumerations when the system boots up (press space bar when prompted during boot), and see if the keyboard works at the shell prompt.