Install QNX 6 from CD on BIOS-less SCSI controller?

I have a Dell Latitude XPi P75D and the Advanced Port Replicator III
with the 3Com 509B NIC and the Adaptec AHA-1510 SCSI 2 without
BIOS. Can I hook my Panasonic 7502 SCSI CD-R to this and install QNX 6?
I assume I’ll need to use a boot floppy. The APR peripherals are on
the 16bit “ISA” bus but there are no actual slots in it. (Too bad Dell
didn’t include audio too! But that is what the Fujitsu/Eiger PC Card
audio is for, but no QNX support for it.)

How will QNX 6 handle it when the APR is disconnected, then
re-connected? Does it have hardware profiles or does it just ignore
hardware that isn’t there, without popping a bunch of error messages
about stuff that was there when it was installed?