New Installation Questions

What’s the easiest way to tell if all of the devices in my hardware
are detected and working properly? I just installed QNX on a test
laptop that I have and things “appear” to be working. I say appear
since I don’t know enough about UNIX or QNX to verify a lot of things.

The laptop booted to the Photon MicroGUI after installation and asked
me to log on so I’ve at least passed the first step. My mouse is
working and I was able to install the additional packages on the CD
Rom so my CD and mouse are working. I can ping a remote system on my
network so I assume that my network card was detected and working.

I have not tested the modem in the laptop so I’m not sure about that.
Also, the Mixer appears to have detected my ESS Solo-1 sound card but
I have not been able to get an audio CD to work or get any kind of
audio from the system. This might be because I don’t have something
setup right or because my hardward is not working correctly under QNX.

I guess what I’m looking for is a new users introduction guide or
something like that. From what I have seen the OS appears to be pretty
snappy and the GUI is beautiful. I look forward to experimenting with
it once I have verified that everything is up and going.

Thanks for the help,