QNX 6 on a Siemens PCD-5H

So I tried installing QNX 6 on a Siemens PCD-5H (P75 Phoenix bios PCI-bus).
The installation runs fine until it´s time to reboot.

Asking QNX Loader to verbose results in:

Starting pci-bios
pci_server: PCI_Startup failed!
/dev/pci did not mount

and the computer hangs.

Since the previous version booted OK, is there any way I could reinstall
that version and just grab the svga-driver from this version?
The computer has a Tseng graphics adapter that was not supported in the
previous version.

I tried running the package-manager but could not do anything useful with it
in standard-vga (all buttons seem to be just outside the screen :slight_smile:.
Any way of doing this from a commandline?

Or is there any command that would produce any useful output to help fix
this problem? I have a bunch of these computers and it would be nice to be
able to install QNX RTP on them.

Regards Anders