Boot floppy and endless dots


I have an RTP boot floppy that I created that contains enough
networking components to allow me to copy files to a newly
initialized compact flash card on a PC/104 board. (The flash
was initialized from a QNX 4.25 boot floppy, since patch A
didn’t fix dinit yet.)

This RTP boot floppy works fine with our older JUMPtec MOPSlcd6
boards, and even some semi-new ones, but for the boards
that we just received, the boot floppy just keeps printing periods,
and the floppy doesn’t even sound like it is seeking tracks.

Now if I try and create the RTP boot floppy with the “old” loader
(dinit -O), it boots for awhile, and then the arrow prompt stops for
a few seconds, and then the board reboots. (I tried this old loader
boot floppy on my desktop and laptop as well, and it reboots on
those machines as well.)

The image itself is 581,804 bytes, so I don’t think it is too large.

I’ve tried a number of “new” boards, each with the same result.

Anyone have any thoughts?